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  The Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA) was originally established and registered in 1958 by 8 founding members. With it being over 60 years since its founding, SETA’s objective to protect and assist individuals and businesses connected with the electrical trade on matters concerning their work has not changed in the slightest. Rather, with its inevitable expansion over the years, SETA is now more capable than ever at bridging the gap between manufacturers, distributors, consumers and the government to uplift the competency and the professionalism in the electrical trade. This is evident in the pandemic period where SETA facilitated the discussion on the shortages of raw materials by our Steel Conduit and Accessories manufacturers and also the labour crunch issues faced by local SME with the relevant Government Ministries to address their concerns.
  Electrical products are used in every industry, and the electrical trade has grown exponentially alongside Singapore. What started as a small-scale trading of electrical equipment and accessories have now evolved into an expansive network comprising of manufacturers, suppliers and contractors working together and collaborating from the different levels in the supply chain. Manufacturers, suppliers and contractors—these 3 main groups make up 19%, 33% and 48% of SETA’s members respectively. SETA then acts as the main body to connect, collect and share best practices and latest Government’s initiatives between these three heads, leading all towards a mutually beneficial outcome and taking the Electrical Industry forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic
SETA also has a long-standing involvement in the development of standards and has always been closely working with national standards bodies such as the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) and its successor the Productivity Standards Board (SPB). Besides that, SETA also acts as an ear on the ground, consistently taking note of industry trends and reactions of its members so as to provide more feedback to enable government officials to frame policies and initiatives.
It is of the utmost importance that we keep in touch with our foreign peers in this industry, so as to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and
the development of more efficient methods. In 2022. SETA is grateful to have had the privilege to do this via conferences with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), whereby individuals in this industry from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan all came together to share their thoughts on the way to remain competitive in today’s markets.
As the economy continues to expand, it generates work for the electrical trades. Globalisation has been a prominent driving force in the 21st century, and as the world continues to be increasingly globalised and inter- connected, the percentage share of electrical and electronic components in projects are only growing bigger. The prominence of the electrical trade will only increase, and it is up to SETA to regulate the increase and to ensure that no party is left behind.
Lastly, SETA will continue to excel in its role in the Electrical Industry for the next decade and beyond and share the new 4G leader’s Forward Singapore initiatives with our members to foster organic growth in our Electrical Industry.
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