Message by President, Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore (AEIS)

SEID2223_MS01-Pix01As we are transitioning into the FY of 2022, I, the president of AEIS, would like to take this time to reflect upon the FY of 2021. Given that these are the years of the pandemic, we have faced several challenges and setbacks in the electronics industry, here in Singapore.

Nevertheless, it is with great pleasure that I must concur that AEIS, as an association, has and is continuing to weather the storm. We have made the move to digitize our operations in the rapidly changing electronic landscape. Through means such as e-newsletters, social media marketing we are transforming the ways in which we support our member companies in these challenging times. Whilst our medium has changed, the script has not. Through digital media, we bring great value through business-matching and networking opportunities in the form of tradeshows.

With support from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and countries progressively reopening, we are optimistic to organize more Virtual and/or Hybrid versions of Singapore Pavilion Tradeshows for international trade fairs such as Nepcon Vietnam, Nepcon Thailand, Electronica & Productronica India, PSECE Philippines and so on. Through these tradeshows, we wish to shed light on how AEIS aids in the collaboration of electronic firms in the ASEAN region to bring about more growth and trade opportunities. As demand for electronic components has grown, we are pleased to announce that we are beginning to delve into the electronic automotive sector. With great headwinds being made in our Future Mobility Asia (FMA) tradeshow, we seek to give great grounds to the concept of e-mobility in Asia.

These efforts would not be possible if it wasn’t for our dedicated Secretariat and Executive Committee. I would like to take the time to thank members of our Executive Committee for their dedication and selfless contributions. I am also grateful to the Secretariat and staff for their hard work and input in all running projects. To all our members, we appreciate your continued support in keeping the wheels turning in these unprecedented times.

Thank you very much, and I wish everyone all the best in 2022. Given that we have already witnessed promising industrial motion in FY 2022, we will, as always, continue to work closely together to support our members to explore new markets with promising opportunities and create sustainability. Please take care, and let us meet again in FY 2023.

Steven Sin

Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore (AEIS)