Precision Die-Cutting

In the manufacturing of micro-electronic devices, die cutting, dicing or singulation is a process of reducing a wafer containing multiple identical integrated circuits to individual dies each containing one of those circuits. During this process, a wafer with up to thousands of circuits is cut into rectangular pieces, each called a die. In between those functional parts of the circuits, a thin non-functional… More

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Marian narrowed down the many thermal management material choices to a proven material that was clean and conducted heat well. The thermal interface pad offered a more uniform coverage of the LED board surface area, which meant that the transfer of… More



Poron or Foam Gasket EMI Shield Thermal Gap Pad Adhesive Pattern Audio/Dust Fabric Filter Kapton Insulator Graphic Overlay



Selected the appropriate materials to meet the customer's specifications Utilised multi-layer lamination technology Created kiss-cut part on extended liner for ease of assembly at our customer's Plant Developed tabs on both sides of flexible part Consistently… More