A lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces.


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( ) AFA is an optically clear acrylic conformal coating ideally suited for use as an LED coating or other applications where clarity and UV resistance is important. Product Description AFA optically clear acrylic conformal… More


SELECTIF 2040 SOLDERING FLUX Interflux ® SelectIF 2040 is a water based no-clean selective soldering flux with a wide process window and low residue formation. Product Description SelectIF 2040 can be used for hand soldering,… More


IF 14 SOLDER WIRE Interflux ® IF 14 series are colophony free, absolutely halide-free, no-clean solder wires with easily removable residues in SnPb(Ag) and lead-free alloys. Product Description The IF 14 chemistry has… More

Adhesives & glue GlobalBond ® structural adhesive • Epoxy adhesive   – UL94V0 compliance   – Chemical resistance   – High temperature resistance up to 1’000°C   – Thermal conductive   – One part or 2 part system • Polyurethane adhesive • Silicone adhesive… More