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Special protective conformal coatings for PC-Boards and electronic components based on acrylic resin or high quality single-component polyurethane.

Product Description

  • Plastic Lacquer

  • Transparent Protective Conformal Coating for PC Boards and Electronic Components

    PLASTIC is based on an acrylic resin particularly suitable for the electronic industry. It forms a shiny, flexible and protective film that is resistant to acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapors, thermal stress, mechanical abuse, alkalis, alcohols, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. It retains its effectiveness within a wide range of temperatures from –70°C to +120°C. The lacquer adheres to various materials such as metal, plastics, wood, cardboard, glass etc.

    Key properties
    • Does not drip and permits soldering through its own layer
    • Contains an UV indicator for quality control
    • Meets MIL-1- 46058C (Type Acrylic Resin)
    • Protects printed circuit boards, components, wire cables, etc
    • Elimination or prevention of : creepage current, corona effects, short-circuits or discharges.
    • Seals out water, dirt and moisture
    • An ideal corrosion protection of parts subjected to bad atmospheric conditions
    • Water proofing of various materials such as cardboard, wood, leather, etc.

  • Urethane-Clear Lacquer

  • Highly Resistant, Proctective and Insulating Conformal Coating

    URETHANE is a high-quality single component polyurethane lacquer, particulary suitable for the electronic industry.

    Key properties
    • Protects and insulates PC boards, electrical motors, transformers, electronic equipment and components
    • Offers protection from damaging environmental conditions such as: humidity, salty corrosive vapours, fungus, thermal and mechanical stress.
    • Forms a hard, stable, flexible, non conductive and wear-resistant film with excellent adherence,
    • Mainly used as a protection and sealing of printed circuits boards
    • Used as a resistant, protective conformal coating for: electric motors, transformers and other equipment and components
    • Particularly suitable for preventing damage caused by moisture, corrosion and chemical agents.

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