Adhesives & Encapsulants

An adhesive is any substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation. The term "adhesive" may be used interchangeably with glue, and cement. Adhesives may be further subcategorised according to their origin (synthetic or natural), liquid or solid state, or conditions under which they are applied. An encapsulant is a material, usually beginning as a liquid… More


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GlobalBond ® Structural Adhesives create superior bonds for Glass, Rubber, SMC, Plastics and Metals. Our adhesives are widely used in the various industry, ranging from Electronics, Building & Construction, Light Goods Manufacturing, Speaker Assemblies,… More



Pastes Pastes for easy assembly and dismantling The structure of pastes corresponds in principle to that of greases. However, the share of solid lubricants is clearly higher. Thus a reliable lubricating, parting and corrosion protection effect is ensured… More



GlobalLube ® range of lubricants are developed at the cutting edge of technological possibility. This means a solution that offers a range of characteristics and a performance level you will likely not be used to. If you want your plant and machinery… More