• 15

    Tapping opportunities in semiconductor sector

    The Straits Times by SEOW BEI YI

    With semiconductors being key to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart factories and autonomous vehicles, Singapore is positioning itself to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead in this industry. In doing so, the… More

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    Global Invacom pushes ahead with Tactilis acquisition despite dissent

    The Business Times by LYNETTE TAN

    Singapore SATELLITE communications equipment provider Global Invacom Group is pressing on with its proposed acquisition of Tactilis, valued at US$200 million, despite three dissenting directors on its board of seven. Queried on that during an interview… More

  • 26

    New lab, scholarships to boost electronics sector

    The Straits Times by TIFFANY FUMIKO TAY

    A new research laboratory that aims to help develop advanced semiconductors that are more efficient and cheaper was launched yesterday, along with $1.5 million in scholarships to grow the pool of talent in the electronics sector. The $70 million lab… More

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    Bladeless-fan maker Dyson to make electric cars in Singapore

    The Straits Times by CHRISTOPHER TAN

    Home-appliance maker Dyson said yesterday that it will make electric cars at a facility in Singapore. The plant, at a location which the British company refused to reveal, will be ready by 2020. Neither would it say much about the car when quizzed,… More

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    Spearheading transformation in the semiconductor industry


    THE journey of Feinmetall Singapore began when general manager Sam Chee Wah set sights on Singapore's strong institutional support for SMEs. Recognising that he could tap into a strong talent pool in Singapore's growing knowledge economy, he took a… More

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    Creative to begin rollout of its 3D headphone products

    The Business Times by MARISSA LEE

    Singapore CREATIVE Technology is taking orders for its much-anticipated new headphone amplifier that is based on a breakthrough technology starting Monday, with sales of its first wireless headphones to follow in the fourth quarter. Both products are… More

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    ST Engg to buy General Electric unit for US$630m

    The Business Times by RACHEL MUI

    MAINBOARD-listed Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering) has agreed to acquire General Electric's MRA Systems LLC (MRAS) - in what will be its largest takeover to date - for some US$630 million. ST Engineering's US subsidiary, Vision Technologies… More

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    Global Invacom buys UK satellite electronics firm Skyware Tech

    The Straits Times

    Satellite communications equipment provider Global Invacom has acquired Skyware Technologies Group, which designs and makes integrated transmitters and receivers for data-over-satellite (DOS) applications. The acquisition consists of an initial cash… More

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    To revive their fortunes, precision engineering firms need to diversify

    The Business Times by LEE MEIXIAN

    A HANDFUL of Singapore-listed precision engineering companies have been stuck in a rut over the years, with the decline in hard disk drive manufacturing. But some are reinventing themselves by diversifying into new products and even industries. Take… More

  • 27

    Excelpoint seeks growth in R&D acquisitions

    The Business Times by VIVIEN SHIAO

    WITH more than 31 years of experience in the electronics space, mainboard-listed tech firm Excelpoint Technology has reached a new stage in its growth. The group, which provides "value-added" electronic components with integrated research and development… More