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Designed for wearable applications in various verticals. The universal platform is powered by ARM with Bluetooth to meet the necessary processing and connectivity needs. The universal platform provides ease of sensor customisation, sensor data processing and data analysis to support the proof of concept trial for the market.
Smart Watch for Eye Care
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Lux intensity
C icor Asia Pte Ltd contracted the Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT) to customize an unique wearable device. This wearable device is used to track the amount of sunlight exposure by the user. Young kids who wear this device will get sunlight exposure monitored and be reminded for outdoor activities
to reduce myopia. As studies have shown that there is a link between the myopia and exposure to sunlight, and thus there is a need to collect as much data as possible. The device will be able to measure the light intensity regularly and store the contents for weeks before transferring it out. The device also come with standard watch functionality and
accurate Real Time Clock (RTC) time which is very important to ensure that the data log is not affected. The data can be transferred through the USB to the PC and the time sync through the mobile application. The data collected will enable researchers to evaluate the myopia progression rate from young children to adulthood.

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