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Electronics and Internet-of-Things (IOT) enables traditional industries such as farming
to intensify growth, optimise resources, increase productivity and improve quality of
harvest. The data collected provides farmers a deterministic and systematic way to DrivingInnovation,SpearheadingGrowth operate and scale their farms cost-effectively and with the least waste.
Advanced Horticulture Lighting for Smart Farming
Lumizen Pte Ltd and the Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT) translated a licensed patent and designed a prototype for test-bedding. The prototype includes a LED lamp control sub-system which would allow for users to control the lamps remotely, and schedule and  ne
tune the lights and spectrum. It can also detect the health status of the lamps which would enable targeted maintenance, especially when there are hundreds of lamps deployed in a farm. The solution also includes a software for data collection, analytics and "recipe" formulation to grow different crops.
Data collection is key to identifying the different parameters suitable to grow different crops such as mint, basil, lettuce and strawberry to name a few. The prototype has been test-bedded in a horticultural urban farming company in Indonesia recently.

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