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Autonomous navigation systems play an important role in well-developed states like
Singapore and bring into the city-state’s natural advantages in modern infrastructure, Driving Innovation, Spearheading Growth ef cient manpower management and reduce societal cost. Development of advanced AI and vision algorithms together with navigation sensors and cameras will foster new
opportunities and new businesses for SMEs.
LINQ - Guided Wheelchair Navigation System
The project involves close collaboration between the Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT) and Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd for design and development of solutions for the Aviation Industry.
Guided navigation system is featured with
■ sensor fusion to provide obstacle detection within front
180o perimeter and self-navigation during turning
■ embedded imaging to provide guidance for autonomous
driving and accurate target tracking
■ servo motion control to provide self /guided driving within
 at/elevated ground
Using the developed navigation knowhow and technologies, Cyclect explored other areas of applications in the Hotel and Tourism Industries.

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