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Access control systems are designed for the controlling of access to a physical or logical resource using modern electronic means, as opposed to conventional lock and key mechanism. State-of-the-art access control systems utilizes electronic credentials or biometric recognition for the granting or denying of access to a facility or critical assets. With this technology in place in computerized access control systems, administrators now have the ability to control doors by time, privilege, access level as well as sensitivity level of the premises.
Tamper-Proof Access Controlled Key-Lock System
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XCM Security Pte Ltd, a Singapore company which specializes in access control securitysolutionsystems,partneredwith the Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT) to design and develop a secure locking mechanism that make use of secure element to establish a secure communication channel between the lock and key. Today’s key-lock security system needs a  exible and yet reliable access control to critical assets used in areas such as  nance, military and public infrastructures.
The COI-EIoT team designed and developed a key-lock electronic system for XCM Security to enable auditable access control and compliance reporting. The system has secure elements embedded into both the lock and key for attestation / authentication between the two devices.
The key acts as the trusted device that provides power to the internal circuitries of the lock while using Bluetooth Low Energy for connection to a smart phone. Subsequently, the smart
Steven Leow CEO, XCM Security Pte Ltd
phone connects to backend secure server to receive a one-time access token (OTAT) which is transferred to thelockforvalidationpurpose.The lock will be activated upon the success authentication of the OTAT.
The successful generation of OTAT is solely dependent on access control policy residing at backend server. The request for OTAT generation shall be denied at the backend if the key does not have the required access rights to the speci c asset secured by the lock.
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