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Digitalisation is the key enabler for making the industrial automation industries more innovative, responsive to the needs and future-readiness for Industry 4.0. While large organisations will have their fingers on the pulse and adopt best available digital technology, many others starts the transformation journey by adapting legacy systems to meet today’s demands.
Robot Palletizer System Digitalization
An IoT- enabled digital system with seamless data sharing between physical & cyber world
O kura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a leading provider for a range of industrial automation & material handling products and engineering
The company has recently partnered with the Centre of Innovation for
Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT) to improve its Robot Palletizer System so as to offer more value-added features for its customers.
An Edge Platform was co-developed that manages the local network of IoT sensors and PLCs, and provides connectivity and secure data ingestion to
the cloud. The IoT Cloud Platform provides a secure database for the ingested data for visualization and analysis, and the platform supports multi-tenancy.
The system had been successfully test-bedded, and the enhancement phase of the project is underway to ready it for industrial implementation.

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