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Driving Innovation, Spearheading Growth
The IoT Open Innovation Community (IOIC) is a synergistic open innovation network that brings together enterprises, technology partners, research and knowledge institutions and relevant industry catalysts to explore, experiment, collaborate and exploit the potential of the IoT for new business innovations, opportunities and growth.
The Community provides a platform to:
— Establish networks among participating members and develop thematic programmes to stimulate business and services innovation leveraging on IoT technologies.
— Initiate partnership and collaboration between enterprises and lead-demand organisations to co-innovate IoT solutions to optimise/enhance existing businesses and to establish new markets.
— Partner participating players to establish sharing platforms for technology insights and development, market scans and analysis, access to IPs and capabilities development.
— Collaborate with technology partners to develop platforms and application cases/models for rapid adoption and adaptation.
Integrated Sensors Network Devices Cloud Storage
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Analytics Decision Making
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