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Micron, a new cleanroom space is being built adjacent to its existing manufacturing facilities at North Coast Drive. The additional cleanroom space will enable the company to successfully implement advanced 3D NAND technology node transitions. As part of its expansion, Micron will also be broadening its R&D capabilities.
Sanjay Mehrotra, president and chief executive of Micron Technology, said, “Over the past 20 years, Micron has invested more than US$15 billion in Singapore. The 3D NAND  ash we create here is at the leading edge of all  ash today – and it is a highly complex semiconductor to build. Our  ash has 64 layers of data cells and is manufactured through many, many precision process steps.”
Singapore is host to three Micron wafer fabrication facilities and one assembly and test facility. It is also Micron’s designated NAND Centre of Excellence, driving the implementation of the company’s leading-edge 3D NAND
production for use in mobile phones, solid state drives, digital cameras and more.
Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company (SSMC) opened its S$300 million Annex 10 clean room in September 2018. Connected to SSMC’s existing Pasir Ris factory via a link bridge, the new 4,400-square-metre facility will enable SSMC to raise its production of automotive wafers from 26% of the company’s capacity to 40%; and possibly up to 60% by 2023.
This supports SSMC’s strategic direction of moving further into the automotive and high-performance mixed signal segments, producing chip sets for car infotainment, in- vehicle networks, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle- to-infrastructure communications, secure car access, as well as authentication control and sensors.
Since its establishment two decades ago as a joint venture by NXP Semiconductors
and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, SSMC has recorded an accumulative capital expenditure of over S$3 billion.
Speaking at the opening of Annex 10, the EDB’s deputy director for semiconductors Ling Yuan Chun said: “SSMC has been an important player in Singapore’s semiconductor ecosystem since its inception. This expansion re ects the company’s long-term commitment to undertake high-value manufacturing for growth applications such as automotive and security in Singapore.”
• Electronics Manufacturing Services
The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market is powering ahead. Increasing demand for automotive and consumer electronics, proliferation of mobile devices and increasing focus on core competencies are fostering growth. The demand for green and energy- ef cient devices and components is further fuelling requirements for EMS.
In its new research report Global Market Insights noted, “OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are developing strategic partnerships with the service providers that aid them in controlling manufacturing costs. The service providers offer product design, development, and manufacturing operations according to the demand from OEMs. Due to these facilities, OEMs achieve appropriate product supplies and save major development costs. This trend allows the EMS market players to develop green manufacturing facilities and energy-ef cient products that support the global sustainable goals.”
Global Market Insights forecasts that the EMS market will be worth USS$650 billion by 2024.

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