CRN/UEN: 199900780Z

15 Tuas South Street 3
Singapore 638020

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Mr Gordon Lim
Ms Jenny Lim


Nature of Business

SPM provides recovery, refining and smelting of gold, silver, other precious metals and electronic scrap. We are also a dealer, importer and exporter of all kinds of precious metals, electronic scrap, copper and other related products. We help our customer to treat and recycle their electrical, electronics and equipments. SPM also specialise in recovering precious metal from precious metal bearing materials such as lead frames, shield, gold cyanide solution, silver epoxy and so on. SPM has been in the recycling business for more than 49 years and has been providing precious metal recovery and refining services to the semiconductor industry. Some of the materials that SPM recover and processes are as follows:
  • Semiconductors materials
    IC rejects units, trimmings, wafer, lead frame, resin
  • Gold-stained machines parts
    Spattering machines, shields, gold targets, etc
  • Spent/expired raw materials
    Solder waste, gold cyanide solution, silver epoxy, gold wire, etc
  • End of life machine
    Production machines, obsolete production equipments
  • Electronics assembly line
    Reject products, printers, PC, motherboard, PCBA, motors, mobile phones, etc
  • Office/excess inventory
    Obsolete office electronics equipment, excess electronics materials

Overseas Presence:
China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia

Quality Systems/Standards:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

Products & Services

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