CRN/UEN: 197001157D

2 Venture Drive
#22-28 Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526

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Nature of Business

  • Electronics materials & services (for semiconductors applications)
    • On-site total gas and chemical management, technical services and training for wafer fab plants
    • Full range of electronic materials for semiconductor processing and comprehensive supply chain management
  • Project engineering
    • Turnkey projects for ultra high purity gas system, ultra high purity chemical system, ultra high purity water system and total tool hook up for wafer fab
    • System integration for electrical and communication for system monitoring and operation, life saving system for hazardous environment, control system for plant operation
    • Manufacturing of fully automated valve manifold box/panel, ultra high purity filtration skid
    • Piping system for electro-polished SS316L orbital welding, ultra high purity wafer process piping (PVD/SS316L), exhaust ducting (PP, PVC, Teflon-coated SS, fibre-glass) and drain piping (PP, PVC, S304, PVFD)
  • Equipment for specialist/electronics industry
    • Gas application equipment
    • Toxic gas monitoring and analysing system
    • Clean room assembly (class 10 standard)
    • Gas cabinets
    • Special gas regulators, filters and purifiers
    • Gas detection systems

Quality Systems/Standards:
SGS ISO 9001:2015

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