Plastic Moulding & Secondary Processes

A parting line, sprue, gate marks, and ejector pin marks are usually present on the final part after the plastic moulding process. None of these features are typically desired, but are unavoidable due to the nature of the process. Secondary processes are sometimes necessary to remove these unwanted byproducts of the moulding.


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Products/Services: Precision Mould Design & Mould Making Tampo Printing, Silk Screening, Hot Stamping & Spray Painting Plastic Injection & Blow Moulding Sub-Assembly Operation Turnkey Product Assembly More



Precision mould design & mould making Plastic injection & blow moulding Tampo printing, silk screening, hot-stamping, spray painting Sub-assembly operation Turnkey product assembly

Fabricating & selling of precision injection mould tools and precise engineering plastic parts. We also do secondary process, such as spraying, coiling and sub assembly and inject moulding. • Lens mounting body Video and still camera parts which… More

Double coloured plastic injection moulding, laser etching of car radio switch buttons, assembly of car audio panels and all kinds of related products. Total Staff Strength: 140 Plant Size: 3000 square metres Key Clients: Tokai Rika, Panasonic,… More