Mould Making

Moulding is the process of manufacturing by shaping liquid or pliable raw material using a rigid frame called a mold or matrix.

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Products/Services: Precision Mould Design & Mould Making Tampo Printing, Silk Screening, Hot Stamping & Spray Painting Plastic Injection & Blow Moulding Sub-Assembly Operation Turnkey Product Assembly More



Precision mould design & mould making Plastic injection & blow moulding Tampo printing, silk screening, hot-stamping, spray painting Sub-assembly operation Turnkey product assembly


The Consumer/IT/Environment industry is a fast-moving and technology-driven sector. Sunningdale Tech manufactures plastic parts for many consumer products, including but not limited to smart cards, consumer electronics & peripherals, telecommunication… More

Established in 1977 in Singapore, Watson EP provides contract manufacturing services for a wide range of plastic and Pro-audio products. With manufacturing plants located across Asia, Watson is able to offer vertically integrated manufacturing services… More

Fabricating & selling of precision injection mould tools and precise engineering plastic parts. We also do secondary process, such as spraying, coiling and sub assembly and inject moulding. • Lens mounting body Video and still camera parts which require… More