Metrology Instruments

A metrology instrument is a device for measuring a physical quantity, such as: time, energy, power, mass, length, pressure, density, etc.


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Shimadzu X-ray & 3D CT Inspection Systems For BGA & Flip-chip analysis    IC chips & connector analysis    Industrial X-ray CT machine    Printed Circuit Board & electronic components inspection    Precision parts and aluminium casting inspection… More

XYZTEC Condor Sigma and W12 Bondtesters YXLON 2D/3D Microfocus X-Ray Systems TRESKY Automated Die Bonders F & S Bondtec Wire Bonders LEICA Microscopy Solutions BUDATEC Solder Reflow Oven LABTRON Laboratory Equipment Standard… More

Founded in 1953, Helmut Fischer is an innovative leader in supplying measurement technology and automation solutions. Helmut Fischer Global is distinguished by its high-value products in industrial, process and laboratory measurement technology. Our… More