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AEIS is a stalwart in the Singaporean electronics landscape. A leading organizer of  the Singapore Pavilion (as coordinated by ESG) section of famous ASEAN tradeshows, AEIS continues to bring its members to greater and newer frontiers. Weathering the pandemic, AEIS has recently undergone a digital transformation to stay relevant to its members in these changing times. Read on to learn more about who we are and our latest initiatives.

Who is AEIS?

AEIS is a non-profit organization and the only industry association representing all facets of the electronics industry and its supporting services in Singapore.

Formed on 7 November 1973, AEIS has played a vital role in supporting the local electronics industry as well as promoting it internationally. With a global network of electronic industries associations and trade events organizations, we connect businesses and help them grow. We also engage government trade agencies to help the local electronics industry expand beyond Singapore’s borders.

What services does AEIS offer?
• Trade and Investment Missions
• Tradeshows and Fairs
• Talks and Seminars
• Information Exchange
• Business Matching

So AEIS has gone digital. How will this benefit my electronics company?

AEIS’s recent digitalization has happened for a reason, and that reason is to serve its members and potential members better. In these pandemic times, the only way for our member companies to survive is to go digital. AEIS, as a supporter of our members, is no different to this trend. So how do member companies benefit from a membership with us?

We produce and publish electronic blogs/ video content for members.

Gone are the days where you must call your customers by phone to make a sale. Through a steady stream of blogs and videos, we advertise your products/services to our sea of potential buyers/members on social media. We get companies talking to each other with interest digitally and socially.

We take our business-matching to the digital sphere.

Given the pandemic scare, more businesses have made the virtual move to doing business. AEIS is no different. We advertise sourcing requirements for our members to attract respective vendors through our e-newsletter “Electronics @ SG”.

We offer exclusive digital advertising perks for members.

We offer you crucial website and social media space for advertising your products and services. Given our high-level of web and social media traffic, you are guaranteed a deep interest in your brand.

We keep our members in the know about industry-leading tradeshows.

Sometimes, the only way to do business is in-person. At AEIS, we know this to be true on many levels. That’s why we inform and register companies for our famed tradeshows. With a hybrid approach, you may now do business in the way you wish (virtually or physically). Catering to a variety of electronic industries such as automotive, semiconductors and so on, there is always a tradeshow catering to every type of electronics industry on our list. Impressed by our organizational skills, you may even want to become our member if you aren’t already one.

We boost your business visibility the hybrid way.

When you join us as a member, we help you list your business on the Singapore Electronics Industry Directory, an online and offline business directory by our publishing partner Marshall Cavendish Business Information. This will boost your business visibility both off and online.

For more information, please contact:

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#03-03 Trade Association Hub
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Tel: (65) 6776 1880
Fax: (65) 6776 0238

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